Oblation Digital Print is happy to now offer personalized envelope addressing services.  We also print escort cards and place cards to coordinate with your wedding or party invitations. 

Photo Courtesy of Cat Dossett

Photo Courtesy of Cat Dossett

STEP ONE - Place order, choose layout & design

To place a Variable Data order please visit our retail store or call us at 503.223.1093 for instructions on placing an order.  When placing an order, you will be making choices for paper, design, color, typestyle, size, placement, and number of lines for the
addresses or names. 

Please note: Inks used for letterpress printing and digital printing are different. We will make every effort to match the color of ink on your personalized envelopes to your invitation ink color, but not all ink colors will have an exact match.  There may be a slight variation in color. 

STEP TWO - Create excel document, email document to digital design department

Next, you will need to compile a complete list of all of your guests names and addresses in an excel document and email it to designpearl@oblationpapers.com.  If you have varying number address lines, you will need to create separate excel documents for each set of addresses. For example international addresses have an additional address line for the country (See below*.) Please pay attention to spelling, punctuation, etc. as names and addresses will print exactly how they are in the excel document.  You are responsible for all of the information in the excel document. Once your excel document has been submitted you will receive a digital PDF proof of the layout  within 1-2 business days. We highly recommend coming into the store to view the proof in person to ensure you are happy with the color, size and layout of the design. If you should notice any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors in your excel document after you receive the first proof, all corrections must be resubmitted to us in the same excel format as the original document.

Each line of the address should be typed in a separate excel column. 

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Questions about wedding addressing etiquette? Crane is a great online resource.


STEP THREE - Approval & printing

Once we have received all the addresses in the correct format and a proof is approved we will begin the printing process. This process takes 5-7 business days to complete. Your order will not move forward until all addresses have been received in the correct format. Each additional batch of addresses post approval is $25, no matter the quantity. 
Please note: If your envelopes are being lined or letterpressed, additional time will be needed to process your order. 



Set-up Fee: $40.00
Proof Fee: $10.00 / address layout*  (proofs are required) 
Front Address Printing: $1.00 / envelope
Return Address Printing: $0.50 / envelope
Inner Envelope Printing: $0.50 / envelope
Reprint Fee: $10.00 (should you require reprints of any of the envelopes or cards, you must resubmit a new excel document with only the addresses or names that need to be reprinted.  You will be charged for the paper, printing and the $10 reprint fee for setup.)
Add. Print/Post Aprvl Change: $25 fee per each add. excel file with new addresses. (You will be charged for the paper and printing)
Design Time: $50 / hr $25 minimum. 

1) Place your variable data order in our store
2) Create an excel document(s) of your guests addresses
3) Submit your excel document to our digital design team by email - designpearl@oblationpapers.com
4) Once you’ve received your proof of the design, request any changes or approve to print


*Some jobs require more than one address layout. For example international addresses are usually more than 3 or 4 lines.